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Welcome to GAC Engineering Services Inc., we are a group of professional Canadian engineering consultants and designers that can make your residence, commercial, and industrial business comfortable at all times. GAC Engineering HVAC Services will provide you with the optimal service for your heating, ventilating and air conditioning needs. We can ensure your comfort with a high efficiency system. We offer service and replacements for all cooling and heating systems in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

We strive to please our clients with top class service and high quality work. We specialize in consulting services, mechanical, electrical, life safety, fire and security alarm system, plumbing, drainage, electrical, processing and architectural work with high quality, affordable solutions that save energy, utilizing state of the art technology.

Our company has over 20 years of combined experience. We have the extensive field experience, technical and managerial expertise to successfully serve all types of properties/facilities that include commercial institutions, residential buildings and manufacturing and industrial processing.

We are committed to:

Our people

Our success

Our customers

Our people are our greatest asset. We will foster a creative and safe work environment that empowers our people to grow, adapt, engage and succeed. We will recognize them for their achievements, passion and commitment. We will reward them through career advancement and job satisfaction. We will encourage them to have fun.

Our customers are central to our success. Every action we take will be aimed at improving the products and services we provide to them. We will listen to our customers and champion their interests at all times.

We will seek leadership in all of our endeavours and seize the opportunities before us. We will continue to innovate to maintain our advantages. We will seek out strategic partnerships that allow us to leverage our strengths. We will be agile and responsive as we supply our global markets with quality, world-class expertise.

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Address: 1080 Tapscott Rd #18, Toronto, ON M1X 1E7

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 p.m.

Phone: (416) 710-8274